FREE 42 Page Guide!
($49 Value)
FREE 42 Page Guide!
($49 Value)
7 Secret Hacks to
Real Estate Investing
7 Actionable Strategies To 7 Figures... From An Investor Who Actually Did It!
Beginner Through Advanced Blueprint to 10+ Deals Per Month
 (without needless years wasted investing a fortune in “guru” training).
Many investors think it’s so hard to find properties and really, it isn’t that hard at all if  you know the secrets! It’s all about knowing how to find them with the least amount  of time invested. 

In this book, I will show you how I was able to  create shortcuts and quickly generate massive inventory to choose from.
Here’s what you will learn from this guide:
  •  House Hacking
  •  House Flipping for Profits
  •  CJ’s “Secret Sauce”– How I made $1M In RE in 1 Year
  •  How To Buy A Home For $1
  •  Buying Mortgages The Online Action Advantage
  •  Online Real Estate Tips
About the Author, CJ KOVAR
Carmen Kovar ("CJ") realized early in life that Discipline, Determination, and Moxie would allow her to excel and become a successful entreprenuer from the onset. Her unique ability to fulfill the necessity of others by delivering a solution to any situation, allowed her to rise above the crowd and create immense success where others have failed.
"My mission has always been to build something great through my creativity and desire to succeed"
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